Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Wonder as I Wander

I came across the book by Langston Hughes titled "I Wonder as I Wander" and I couldn't resist it.  Book on CD; a wonderful voice reading to me.  I hadn't realized he was such a writer beyond his poetry and such a a black man, he was searching a land he could feel free; this book had tales from his travels to Haiti, Soviet Union, Japan, China, Spain, and Mexico.  Learning history through travel in 1930s...I was enchanted and now I even used the title.

This past week has found me traveling a tiny bit...up to Stowe to set up a art booth at the Art on Park show, a 3 hour stint on Thursday late afternoons.  The above piece is a silk painting, stretched on wood which got to feel the sunshine at this art show, admired but not claimed; still good for me to put it out there.

 But really?   a 3 hour show...what a lot of work for so little time.  I am doing this with my Art Resource Association group in support of a few other artists.  3 or 4 of us will be setting up each Thursday.  I did 2 weeks already and only have one slot for July when it will get busier.
 Here's our booth from the outside: we made use of the extra space.  Very hot the first week 97 degrees!
 Amazing how a street can change its look in a short hour and become a tent lined shopping venue.
 I happily finished my 3rd commission and all went well...sigh.  Now I am making some photos of scarves for my etsy shop.  This one is really quite a beauty but won't go up for a couple of days as Bruce has scored on Ebay for a wooden canoe and we go to MA tomorrow to pick it up.  We'll be canoeing this summer and finding some wild places for photography.  YES!
A soft grey blue silk, just finished.  I certainly can keep myself busy....I just let myself place a new silk order and now I am shocked by it cost, more than ever before. Silks are going up and shipping keeps increasing.  Keeping my business going doesn't seem to get easier.   Always running to try to stay ahead of the boogie man.  Boogie there is a story there...I do wonder as I wander.

Blessings given, blessings shared, be well my friends.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These two scarves are beautiful...should sell on ebay easily. Street fairs in 97' is a challenge but now you have a canoe to cool off...summer ahhhhh!

janetvanfleet said...

Thank you so much for showing us the art fair in Stowe! It really is cool to see the avenue of tents.