Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Water

 Another weekend ends, but this weekend really seemed to have some lovely pleasures gathered between some good working strength.  I've been finishing up a couple of silk chiffon jackets for a customer from Philadelphia to choose from when she gets into town tomorrow.  Just ironed one while I was waiting for these images to load and I am feeling satisfaction....I'd take a photo but with electric lights, the color is so off.  The above image is a scarf still on table of some of these watery colors I've been working how the dyes floated on the silk charmeuse.  The scarf looked much more beautiful than this shot shows; I'll steam it early in the morning and see how it looks then.
 Summer Romance in this scarf which I listed on earlier this week.
 Did some garden protection today because somebody is eating our greens; painted the last jacket and above scarf, then we went to the beach...Wrightsville Reservoir where we rented a canoe and got on this water.  Perfect weather for this activity.  Not hot and humid like it was on Thursday when I set up a small outdoor art show with the temperature reading at 97!  We were HOT!  And we didn't sell, not to our surprise.
 Every once in a while I'd stop paddling to take a quick shot.  The green glowed with the light.
 I always like the peek into the next layer of terrace...will these become paintings?  Will I print any up?  or am I only taking images to record them deeper in my memory and later they will resurface in one of my abstracts?
 Almost "back home" but this rock piece of earth has captured my eye.
 So I look closer....gotta love  a zoom lens.
Here it is as part of a scene....have to admit many of my scenes are a bit boring to my creative want, but it still was a glorious day and my muscles will remember tomorrow what I did today.

Must end my ramble and put myself to horizontal....ah, sleep, I do love to pass into sleep.
My blessings to all you have come this far with me.


Altoon Sultan said...

Beautiful silks and a beautiful day. Wasn't it glorious weather!

Maggie Neale said...

hello Altton, glorious weather and the rain was most welcomed too.