Monday, June 18, 2012

Window of Opportunity and Avery

So many things I could be blogging about that I am confused where to start.  These summer days are fast and furious; actually it isn't even summer yet, but strawberries ripen in the garden and peas are offering tender tastes of a new green.  It is all a window of opportunity if you wish to see it that way.

New painting with that title, small, oil on canvas, not stretched.  I am preparing to do some summer shows in Stowe at Art on Park, Thursday afternoons and these small unframed pieces might just travle well there.

 I painted a frame for Bruce's granddaughter Avery and then I painted a picture for inside the farme.  It made me quite excited when I stepped back to see what I had done.  Here it is in blurry fashion.  It was only this past Friday when I got my new glasses and this was taken with blurry eyes.  I will get my eyes back to working for me....I promise myself.
 Here's the family.  Father's Day with Bruce, his son Will and granddaughter Avery with Courtney as a fabulous support to all.  Breakfast at Skinny Pancake
 Avery at 20 months is very active and spunky; full of movement and curiousity.
 She loves animals so we promised to get her to a farm...Morse Farm seemed easiest in a short period of time and the hills were beautiful.
 We walked the road back to vist=it a sheep and a goat.  Bruce took the small path which was the best decision because it lead right to them.
 What a smart goat!  She climbed up to receive food when she heard Bruce messing with the pulley.
 Avery and Bruce fill the tin can with food and the goat pull on the rope to lift the can up.
 Avery was smitten with the sheep which was so used to visitors.  She petted, talked it, fed it flowers and then planted a kiss on it head.  What a dear!
We big folks stood back and watched the charming act.  A very special father's day for us all.

 I've been painting fields and distant hills.  The above painting from a photo I took while on the journey to Art Group, 12x9 on canvas and below, an abstract but it sure has the feeling of field and hill when in comparison....hmmmm...
So much more could be in this osting, but I'm feeling the tireds and must be off to bed.  Love to all.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your summer days have wings! I like the family photos and the rolling green hills.
Art looks great...lovely color combinations!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann. As always your words are generous and uplifting. Summer days with wings! I wish I had wings to go with them.

Unknown said...

Maggie Dear,

I hope you are taking my advice and getting some sun and looks like it from the photos. The paintings are lovely as always.

i can't believe I have to prove I am NOT a robot before posting! What is I am an organic robot? Does that count??!!!

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Maria...I've been thinking of you and knowing I must connect. My site was compromised some time back so I had to put up added protection...robot aid...ha! More soon.