Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fashion Show--back stage viewing

 With rain predicted, my excitement to get one more piece created waned.  With "the show must go on" ringing in my head, I skirted the raindrops with my silks in plastic bags.  Katia and Jill had been to Zuri Eco Salon to have their hair done early in the morning  We tried on the outfits in Artisans Hand.
 Katia was a pro at her makeup selecting the eye shadow to match the grays in the silk jacket.
 Liz was ready early.  When I said sarong, she said"What?" but we wrapped her up and she was pleased.  We went outside under the overhang for a few shots in natural light.
 Here she waits for the others, always a bit out of step, but game.
 Young ones had to be guided.  It was a wild scene with a wild life theme.  Thank goodness for the huge tent and the backstage tented area.
 Rain drops on my camera lens...glad I brought over coats for the models.
 Backstage ...the waiting begins, but some humor happens with picture taking.

 Paper dress in background.
 Katia admires her silver bracelets from designer Bill Bulter.
The models enter the stage.  I got a few peeks of this view.  The photographer of the event is blocking some of this shot and Liz's mother was with camera, so more photos might appear here.

For me, the painter and designer, it was fun to see my silk designs moving in the air, shifting in the dance of life.  Yes, it brought the silks to life.  Being able to put together whole outfits was exciting.  The models all claimed that the silks made modeling them easy because they transported.  Yeah!

When Katia returns for her trip to Ukraine, we'll do a real fashion shot ...not on a rainy day.  Always something else to look forward to.


Altoon Sultan said...

The silks look so beautiful on the models. Congratulations for this wonderful work!

janetvanfleet said...

All that work! Sorry about the rain, but you made the best of it, Maggie.