Monday, July 9, 2012

Feeling Summer

 I've given myself some real studio time these last few days and it has been rewarding.  Yes, canoeing too and swimming and eating from the garden.  Ah, sweet summer!  New mixed media work on cardboard just to feel the freedom of little cost to hold me back.
 Art group tomorrow which always gives a bit of a nudge to get some things finished to take to show.
 Small oil started when art group was on coast of Maine, but a few layers have been added.  Done?  Maybe not.  So pale, yes, a test.
 Worked on this baby finally and didn't totally ruin what I had going at the start.  20x20
 Lovely day with a couple of dear sister friends.  The location stunned my eyes with beauty.

 I seem to be really drawn to these grass shots...they are almost a painting in themselves.
Here they sister friends...we can share on a deep level and be real together.  We seem to be good for each other grateful they are in my life.....more later.  Getting late and I have already packed more than one day into this one.  Tomorrow is full too!  Feeling summer.

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