Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring and new Vision!

 Happiness...I am starting to SEE the transformed vision.  Got my lens fixed on my preferred camera and my eye implant is giving me a clearer light on things.  I actually can finally see to work on the computer and do this short posting before I sleep to prepare myself for the next surgery tomorrow morning....left eye implant lens and hopefully the eyes will match up soon and start working in unison again.

Lovely day Sunday...we got out on the town to witness the All Species Parade and Spring Celebration on the steps of the Capitol Building and grounds in their spring glory; even the May Pole!

Flowers are a joy for the young girl who lives inside of me.

Ironed a few scarves and took some images for etsy.com.  This scarf looked so green to me with shots of violet and deep deep charcoal until I saw it in this photo and I am color confused....can't post it to etsy yet.....

Well, must sleep to prepare for the "smooth operation" tomorrow and the 'quick comeback".  I am ready!  To brighter vision!


Unknown said...

How wonderful to hear about your eyes! I hope it all goes well and that Spring looks even more glorious when you are recovering.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Best of luck on your next procedure! The photos are glorious and great news you are seeing Spring as it is and even better!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Annie and Mary Ann...surgery went well...now to give time to recovery. Relieved!