Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fashion Show Coming Up--Wildlife

 Finally I turn my eyes back to photos and my blog.  The healing process progresses.  I see without my glasses, even drive with only sunglasses as the world is with much greater brightness with the thick yellow shield of cataracts removed.  My eyes seem to be improving for closeup the 3 mag from dollar store give me a headache and I'm wearing 1.25 now...I have worn glasses since second grade and have always had eye appointments and glasses which were corrected to my lack of vision, so these dollar store readers are a bit of a joke.  Yes, in a couple of weeks, I'll be rechecked for corrective lenses, when the eyes settle.

Better get on with blog before my eyes tire and I can write no longer.

Fashion Show is coming up....Montpelier has an outdoor fashion show, closing down State Street and putting up a runway.  It's getting more professional with each year.  I'll be putting silks on 3 or 4 models and choosing designer jewelry from our gallery to accessorize.  It is always a time to create something new and spectacular but I've been healing and dreaming rather than making the fashions.

Art Resource Asso will be putting up a show in City Center with fashion theme.  The above piece is my collage painting.  Today I framed it and when I glued it to a firmer board, it wrinkled.  Did I ruin it?  So many questions.
 From perusing my W magazine, I got inspired to consider the "Wildlife" theme and painted a sarong, black is a blue black, hummm....
 The next day I pinned on a silk jacquard noil and designed this piece for clothing...a jacket of sorts.  Will I get it steamed and sewn or is it just too late to try to make something of it?
 Next day I painted this piece for a bag with acrylics; my mind is starting to buzz with ideas....finally I am getting going and I only have a few days remaining.  Shucks!  Well, really, life and creation and fashion too, does go on after the fashion show.
 This funny piece is a full page ad in W which I have over painted.  The lines go on!
 And more lines!  Jack in the pulpit which was observed on last weekend's walk.  Such a treasure; our wildlife!

Hope you all can feel inspiration springing or spring inspiring.


Jeane Myers said...

so happy to hear you are healing and nice to see you here - such interesting pieces you are working on! xo

Mellina Moore said...

I agreed with Jeane! My first visit here and I like being here pretty much. So pleased to see you're heading to explore a very interesting and unique project. I'll look forward for your success. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

That Jack in the pulpit has a unique eye on the world!! So pleased to hear things are going well with your eye sight.

Altoon Sultan said...

It's so great to hear the good news on your eyes. And I like the new animal print idea. Have a great fashion show!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Jeane, Annie, and nice to find your words of encouragement.

Welcome Melina...come back again.