Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finishing up April

 As April comes to a close, I have to pat myself on the back as my Thai Chi coach recommends....I have made some headway on the path set out for me at the beginning of this month.

Thursday, I got paintings up to West Glover and hung a show at Parker Pie.  The orange and blue walls were a pleasant surprise, not expected, but I brought some paintings which seemed to find their own experience on these walls.  Show went up quickly, 12 paintings, the hills were beautiful on the ride up and back.
 I passed by the Museum of Everyday Life, a large white barn, and I wondered when it would be open, so I googled it and sent off an email as there were no hours listed.  Yesterday I received a reply which spoke of her house burning in January, so the museum is closed until June...sad news, but I do want to go check it out.  My show at parker Pie will be up til mid June.
 I've been cleaning my studio much of this last week in preparation for SPA's BASH which happened Friday night.  All the dyes are put away, the dye table put up, the oils are in the drawer and the closet was totally reorganized to hold the extra paintings....and still I have too many.  In spite of the snow flurries all day Friday, I made fritattas and then entertained in my many people who had never been to SPA before, people who had not seen my paintings, and who gave me such positive feedback.  I sold one painting and have several others being considered.  Hurrah!
 New painting just begun when I was listening to a audio book by Lisa See, Dreams of Joy (excellent!) and she was speaking of the tree...a tree came to my I am trying to entice myself into making my way back into this painting tomorrow.
Meanwhile I have 2 batches of silks to steam.  I was headed into darker lands when a customer called for spring baby pinks and blues for her wholesale order.  What a shift in mood!  I was hoping to steam today but the wind was howling and it was bitter at 40 degrees so I painted 3 more scarves and will make the steamings tomorrow.  Tonight I worked on the rack card for Artisans Hand so I could have the morning for steaming.  Juggling, always juggling.

My first cataract surgery is Wed...a vision shift coming.  I'm working on the intention of positive outcome and clearer seeing.  I have been warned that I will see color differently....
Best wishes for a good week for all.


Altoon Sultan said...

Sounds like lots of positive things happening. Best of luck with the cataract surgery; I'm sure you'll be thrilled with your new vision.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Altoon, I'll take all the extra good wishes I can get. My eyes are so important to me...and vision has definitely been distorted lately.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a busy all sounds good! I am always surprised at colorful walls taking on art...these photos look great...both art and walls sing! Warmer Spring days ahead!