Sunday, April 22, 2012

Disturbances in the Current and SPA's bash

How have I let the time slip away?  Already Sunday evening, getting later as I load on new photos and see what I've been doing myself, looking at the work on a different level.  My favored camera is in the shop getting a new lense.  The cost of repair is almost as much as a new camera, but I didn't like some of the new options as well as those I have enjoyed.  I really am a bit old fashioned as I do like to make repairs, even on the holes in my socks.

The painting above is done on a board I have rescued from the throw away, painting it first a bright red house paint I bought super cheap, but alas too much gloss for easy next coat.  I wish I didn't have to be so cheap and frugal with my supplies; I have done it all my life, but at some point I want to be able to be flush.  I do see the disturbances in this current.

 Two more paintings...this one is 12x12 and already has a new layer, but maintains it integrity still.  The layers of the earth and its disturbances as the rocks shift and of my concerns.
This painting is smallish and speaks of current and contrast, also painted on board which makes such a different sound when the palette knife makes its movements.

 Now for happenings...SPA, Studio Place Arts will have its annual bash and fundraising event this next Friday...7-10.  Wish you all could come.  Art party, music on all three floors, food, and open studios.
This photo is part of the fund raising effort..the Teeny Tiny, small 4x4 canvases made individual by area artists for the silent auction going on now through the bash.  Amazing how many ideas on this small surface.
 A canvas was going unclaimed so I grabbed it at the end and created SPA.
 Here is my piece I did before I went off to AZ, which seems many months ago already.  fabric,wax, and oil...want to make a bid on it, starting bid is $30.
 This painting is by Heidi Bronner...looks great here in this photo.  Heidi has a real style.
 Close up of some more, Gabriel Dietzel's stands and Janet Van Fleet has buttons erupting.  Ought to be  fun seeing how it all turns out and music is always welcomed in my surrounds.

I've been gardening, getting greens and peas planted, even pansies.  Eating watercress and dandelions and even making roasted dandelion root coffee...spring time tonics.  I have to go back and have my eyeballs measured for the cataract operation.  Seems the numbers don't make sense so a redo is necessary.  My vision gets shifted with this testing, ah, disturbances in the current.
Thought I'd end with one more painting which gives me pleasure to see again tonight before I close these tired eyes.  Small oil on canvas, 4x4 but can be matted for a bigger effect.  I'm still working on how to present these and they won't make my next show which I put up on Thursday at Parker Pie, Glover.
Wishing happy springness to you all!

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