Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grateful for the surrounding beauty

 Ever so busy with spring bursting about me and work calling me to focus on so many different levels.  Our garden has expanded and we eat from it every day...such nourishment!  It feeds my eyes as well.
 Sunday we stole away for a mountain walk and bushwhacked through a boggy area.  Glad for my camera and my eyes which are becoming friendlier with my brain or is it the other way around?
 We heard the moose rustle in the woods just across from the water way and then we heard the waterfall beckoning.
 Glorious to stand with its energy coming toward me....renewal!
 The butterflies were in delight
 The frog held his own space seeming to say all is right with the world.
 I have worked hard to dye for the fashion show.  Buckets on the back deck.  Humidity at 93% and my dryer broken...even the stereo broken, but there is still time to marvel at the iris...what a color!
 Blackberries make such large blossoms.  Strawberry blossoms have turned to small green berries, and even the elderberry begins its flowering.  yeah to the world of growing!
 This fellow appeared at my feet...isn't he too early...I thought these guys were a sign of autumn!  Such terrific patterning..,will it come into my scarves or my paintings....?
The rains and the winds came, thunder and lightning.  I thought for sure the iris would be damaged, but it is so much stronger than I feared.  I hear more rains are coming, scheduled for the day of fashion show....models bring umbrellas, the show goes on.  It will be cooler and I will bundle them more than when it was way too hot for fashion like last year....must leave this writing and prepare for sleep for "tomorrow is another day" and I must be a sewer and ironer tomorrow whether I want to or not.

Lisa, so happy to know you come and enjoy.  Dd, always happy to know my words are coming to your eyes, and sister Martha, glad you saw so many pictures...everyone else, thank you for making a connection with my blogging is my pleasure, this blogging.

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Altoon Sultan said...

Your photos are a delight. I'm so glad your eyes are doing so well. Best of luck with the fashion show; I hope the rains hold off,