Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Lies Beneath the show prep

whew!  I am finally coming up for air.  I have been laid low with a cold and terrible cough.  I got my 3 shows hung and then the sale set up at Artisans Hand.  I got home after a 12 hour day Thursday and fell to into a hole.  Bruce was sick and wanted me to be receptive and provide healing...ha!  I was used up.  I could only crawl up to bed with my forgive mes murmured but with his hearing loss and a cold affecting it even more he didn't hear that or much I've said for the last 5 days.  But I'm better and finally able to work again.

So I made a poster to email to folks letting them know I was having the opening.  I guess on this one, I don't mention that my studio will be open, but that's my intention.  I had to undergo the learning curve once again to get this in postable form...those learning curves!

Then I wove a couple of scarves as I am still trying to get my galleries stocked from Christmas sales...they are red, which was inviting.  I wanted to get to the studio to begin the process of making the space receptive to guests.  I couldn't even find my camera...it was still in the bag from Tuesday's show set up at Castleton College.  I was amazed I hadn't even thought of my camera since Tuesday.

I made it to the studio, took photos of 2 paintings I had worked on last week and tried to hang them up which entailed spilling the jar with brushes and turpentine all over the work table.  Yes, a clean up job right away.  enough words, I need to get on my mac and get images loaded on here of my show.  More pictures, please!

 Last Monday I hung my show of 35 paintings at Studio Place Arts, third floor gallery.  It's a hall show but there is one large wall and I used it to hang 2 paintings which had never stood together before.  They were painting at a similar time 2 years ago and they are enjoying the chance to relate.  I always learn about my work when I put up a show...so valuable.  Good for me, though I do hope others come to see the showing.  This was before the official tags were attached, only my id labels.

 One side holds a lighter group, textural, mostly newer pieces including the 2 from 2012.
 Opposite side holds 3 from the art group experience in Maine bordered by Warming Trends and River Spirit...an interesting grouping as I peer at it tonight isolated from the rest of the show.
 Shot from the top of the stairs.  Heat Rising hangs in the stair well.  Standing Stones hangs over the studio at the far end.  Chris Jefferies, glass worker, says he's happy to be able to pass through my work for this next month.
 The narrow hall always presents a problem for what to hang there.  This group of painting collages in the series Tatters have been wanting to be able to hang together for more than a year.
 "Apparition", newly finished, small but mighty has the award of being the first painting sold.  Pleased but also sad as it is so new I have hardly had a chance to experience it.
Feels right that Resurrection found a place in this show also.  It is different that much of my work with its large embedded weaving segment.  i conceived and created this piece as a way of finding solace after the death of a beloved cat, Tumba RIP.

And the new painting, another 12x12 still on the easel taken with the newly found camera today.  I think it is coming into itself.  Actually it was this painting which was hung on the wall that caused the jar to spill...yes, the story from the beginning...well long enough posting.  Thanks to all who made it here to the end.


Unknown said...

What a great space to view your work!! Hoping the show goes well and that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

The show looks wonderful :)

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Annie and Chloe for your visit and encouragement. Blessings!

Altoon Sultan said...

It looks terrific. I'm looking forward to seeing the show, though I'll miss the opening. Have a grand time!

Debbie said...

Good luck with the show. Resurrection looks wonderful.