Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brave new year paintings

 So busy!  I am almost too exhausted to type.  I applied my drive today to getting 1600 postcards in the mail for Artisans Hand's winter SALE coming up next week.  With our manager under the weather and in her last month of being our manager, the labels didn't get printed.  I had an anxiety dream early morning and left in falling snow to purchase labels and get the task rolling...there were 4 ads to get made and delivered I really do have some excuse for tiredness, but I'm here and you're here so let's move on.
New paintings...brave new paintings for this brave new year.  20x20 with layers of tissue and silk in this one...still unnamed, but almost ready to be hung in the "What Lies Beneath" show coming up at SPA this next week.
 This painting has a family linen napkin embedded in wax...not very disguised but rather floating.  I called 20x20 canvas Family Linen.  Beneath the ladder an embossed "J" lurks.  There is sense of music and story in this piece.  My Mama wouldn't give me most of the family linen as she said it was a burden...perhaps she was just afraid of how I might mistreat it!
This painting has come alive to my eyes again.  I have put on an extra layer of wax improving surface quality and identified this painting of several years ago, 30x36, as one of the paintings to travel to Castleton State College for our art group show there....hope we are not under the weather for this long haul on Tuesday.

Snow today, I did take some images which still reside in my camera...that will have to be another story.
Off to return to my book "Second Nature" by Alice Hoffman and I can certainly recommend the Netflix movie "Maya Lin", the designer of Vietnam Memorial and other very fine memorials.  So young, yet so focused and determined.  Excellent.  Inspiring.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your year so far is FULL! I'm loving this piece with the ladder and "J"...beautiful colors. Best of luck driving in the weather!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new paintings :)

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann and Chloe for giving me back some words of encouragement. Maybe my word of the year is is what is coming to me.

Sophie Munns said...

YOu are incredibly busy Maggie.
Im still at the stage of reorganising my studio from top to bottom so I can focus when it all starts in earnest!
No wonder you are having those middle of the night panics... it's all go!
Family linen... I like that... and the last image of this post is so strong!
Wishing you great things for all your endeavours in 2012 Maggie!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks, Sophie, such bubbling energy you convey with your words. Last Painting is called "Matter of the Heart", painted after the death of a favorite cat.