Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, new goals and new shows

 New goal to keep my focus and get things done.  I have designed 2 postcards early this for Artisans Hand's Winter SALE coming up January 20.  Always a big success with clearing out studios of seconds and those experiments we need to have around.  Our customers look forward to this annual event.  The other postcard was decked out with the above painting which I call Metamorphic Flight and announces my 3 shows coming up this month.  I hadn't done a postcard for while and seemed like it needed to happen.  The painting is oil with embedded fabrics on canvas, 24x24.  It has presence.
 This baby, 12x12x2 was headed for a redo, but the rose became a tulip and though I roughed it up, the main image stayed strong.  It will go to the show in Bees Knees which hangs next Monday.  "Tulip and Two Lights"
 "Aflame"...finally this painting is represented almost fairly in image form.  It will hang in the show called "What Lies Beneath"...fabrics, dyed devore silk floats in the darkness and a rip all the way through the canvas is patched and healed.  This has been through a lot but deserves to have a chance to show.  18x24 on canvas.
 This painting is trying to find its way.  fabric on wood, 14x14.  Is it done or only "At Sea" as I have called it?
Now this painting feels right to me and I have renamed it "Balance", 24x24, or maybe 20x20, I am forgetting.  When it was discussed with my Art Group, the comment was made that top two warm shapes were too close to the same size...both were pinker.  I felt uncertain how to enter it but with a new purchased color, a red oxide, I moved into the upper left portion and the transformation began and all the colors and shapes morphed somewhat, but to its advantage, I think.  I'll take this one to Castleton State College where my Art Group will be presenting a group show, as well as, a talk for the students...hmmmm....what a month of endeavors to keep me busy...yes, hold the focus and make some wish to you all for January 2012!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

You are staying true...plenty of focus here! I am quite taken with this third piece...with a healing wonderful. Lots of showing opportunities this of luck!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, Aflame is quite passionate....even bolder when seen full size. Thanks for your encouragement.

Velma Bolyard said...

so i came on over to see your doings and i have to say the last two paintings are very fine, indeed. i'm glad you reminded me!