Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Walk in the snowy woods

 Sometimes the snow falls and sticks to everything.  All the branches become a shape for the snow to blanket.  The image above is from my home; the winds is blowing about some of the snow.
 it was not a perfect day to go driving but we wondered how much snow was on the yurts and felt we had to get up to Lowell to check on them...north to the mountains...
 Bruce peers into the yurt;  the snow did not appear too deep on the roof but it was very heavy with layers of ice; a chore to remove.  He discovered tracks of a weasel housing under the yurt, but the inside seemed clear.
 I got out my camera and though very cold, in those single digit numbers, I removed one of my gloves so I could find the shutter button.  The sun was glorious on the front field which we traipsed through to get to the woods.  The pines border the road.
 Jay Peak or mountain neighboring?  We aren't quite sure and if we do have a view of Jay Peak there is a view tax.
 Returning to yurt and then walking; we were snow shoeing, actually, through the woods to the second yurt for snow removal.
 Such silence in the woods; heavy snow bows the boughs.
 This one takes my imagination on a spin.
 Here he crosses the bridge over Mineral Springs Brook, snow shoes removed.  12 foot yurt ahead...Jonah's yurt.  Jonah and several friend came up later that day and did a winter overnight with a large warming fire as it got down to 20 below that night.  It was Jonah's birthday.
 I stayed by the brook in the sun, listening to the singing of the water mostly under ice and ground.  A few breaks in the ice.
What a memorable day!  Last camera beeped; I had forgotten to put in a card and the memory was full but with the sunlight in this spot, I couldn't read the screen.  I figured I had my warning to put it away and feel the air, put on my gloves, and start heading back to the busy life.

Hope you all have had a restorative and peaceful Sunday.


ArtPropelled said...

A winter wonderland! Maggie, the scenery is so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous shots!! No snow for us yet this year, but you never quite know. Keep warm.

Judy Shreve said...

What beautiful winter photos! I can't imagine spending the night in that cold - even with a warming fire! That scenery is just amazing though.

Maggie Neale said...

What fun to have 3 comments this morning...more snow has fallen in the night, but the sky shows blue!

Altoon Sultan said...

Lovely photos, Maggie. I especially like the one of the mounded snow in the brook.