Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lowell Mountain Ridgeline--not Renewable!

 What a day!  A gasp of relief from winter's grasp and we were out to take in the day with an adventure to climb onto the ridge line of Lowell Mountain range while it still existed.  We had heard of the call for an Open House on Lowell Mountain...the turn out was super, well organized and nicely handled.  Here you see the ridgeline; the dip above the red car was a destination when number 6 wind tower would take its stance all too soon.  We had to enter the mountain area from the Albany side, a more difficult trail and not through the contested neighboring land.  This is all a heated subject as the project has been pushed through without public support and connection with neighboring communities who will feel and see the effects of 21 giant wind turbines extending 2 and 1/2 miles along this ridgeline.  The towers will be 40 stories tall and the dynamiting into the mountain to almost the depth of 40 stories.  The crane road is being built now from the Lowell side and access to the range is denied around the construction area.
 It was not a photo taking excursion because we were on a fast trot up the mountain and the travel was tough.  I can't believe I could do it and if I was with a small group I would have cut it short but the leader of the turtle group kept my spirits up and urged me on.  The mud was so one point a rope pull was on a 12 foot section, so muddy and steep....oh my!  I want to admit that I took most of this incline on my butt on the way down, partnering with gravity.  There were many galiant men along the way who gave me aid and even a loan of a hiking pole to balance out my walking stick.  When we reached the top we couldn't even get close to the view...signs warning us of trespass.
 2 officers from Orange Co barred our way even for photo use.  The crane road build up is in the background beyond the officers.
 Oh, what a wonderful relief when we exited the woods and could see the meadows and distant mountains to the east.  What did I learn?  I learned of the enormity of this project, that another project is proposed for further down the ridgeline and that someone from Oklahoma bought this land 10 years ago probably with the project already hatching and in the can before it even was brought up to the people it would truly affect.  Yes, we need renewable energy but ridgelines are not renewable.
Here's my ridgeline, another card, but with a sunnier view on it all.  We mustn't get discouraged and let challenges stop us from our path.  Be well, readers, thinkers, and viewers.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I understand change but then again I don't understand change that moves through the system without agreement. It is such a common story that it hurts. And you, taking on this walk in (greasy mud?) with others...truly good and courageous of you! Your ridgeline art is beautiful and honoring.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, thanks for your words. Muscle memory still from the walk. One of the guys I met on Sunday was arrested for his action on Monday. Green Mountain People!