Saturday, December 3, 2011

Views--near and distant

 Where have I been?  Sometimes I wonder too.  I think I have been chasing the elusive dollar and it has been discouraging.  I beat myself up getting enough seasonal colored chenille scarves woven for my gallery in Burlington and took them up on Friday through driving snow.  Ugh!  By the time we left the highlands, it had become rain and there was even a parking place within a block of the gallery.  Almost unheard of!  But scarves hadn't sold as in past maybe it wasn't even necessary.  Well, enough of my complaining.  I need to see something different so I've been making quick trips to the studio for way too short periods of time. Yet it has been therapeutic to tear apart a large paper painting and find many paintings within it.  I've been making cards, my seasonal cards to send out...except I can hardly write anymore and do I even have addresses.  Well, it is a beginning of a project and visually it has given me some pleasure.

Some more for viewing...what do you think?

I took some photos after a trip to a gallery in Waitsfield.  I had sold 3 scarves through but I had mistakenly taken one of them to Waitsfield and had to retrieve it.  When I got to the gallery I didn't see the one I was on prime display but hadn't been sold yet.  Whew!  On the way home I snapped this image; it speaks to me, but then I wonder if I am snooping in on someone's privacy to post it.

 Snow came before Thanksgiving and then it warmed and the snow went back into the sky in great mist and the colors came back to the hills.

 Tonight we went to Waterbury to view the Festival of Lights, in a town which has suffered greatly from the flood a few months past.  We wanted to help this town celebrate and were thrilled with the drumming and the lights moving from the distance up the hill toward us.  I could not really get images to tell the story of this light show and the terrific lanterns, but here is one abstracted version.  It gives a bit of the picture.

Sending blessings to all in this time of darkness....may you have light in each of these long nights.


Altoon Sultan said...

The cards are lovely. And I hope it's just a slow start to the buying season and you sell lots of scarves.
Wishing you brightness in this season.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi's only gallery in Burlington that is off in sales...lovely wish for brightness. Thank you! Of to investigate Lowell Mtn and blasting area today.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

You have been busy! The cards are for a frame! Good luck with all your holiday sales and activities.

Unknown said...

I like these paintings. The first one suggests huge spaces to me.

Jeane Myers said...

love the little paintings that you were able to get from your larger one and the photo of the windows is just yummy xo

Jayne Shoup said...

Missed seeing you at the Parade of Lights--your cards are splendid. Much depth and complexity--Pure ART. Keep on!

Maggie Neale said...

Oh, Mary Ann, Annie Jeane and pleased to get your messages. Gives me smiles! I just climbed Mt Lowell where huge wind turbines are going in against the wishes of the community...amazing devestation --body sore but heart feels strength and purpose.