Sunday, December 11, 2011

Light and Darkness

 Another week passes.  These days are so short.  I seem to quit when it gets dark, but then I get another wind late in the evening usually over the computer and then I don't rise when first light shines upon me.  I live surrounded by trees which have skyrocketed in these 17 years of my living here.  With each year less sun reaches my home, windows, touches my work especially in December.  I am confused by the shift of light and the expanse of darkness.

Because I have been selling scarves from my Etsy site, I needed to take some more images today.  The above scarf is reds and blacks, quite dark I thought.  I took the photo after 3pm in the days' last hour of light, but I am surprised to find it not dark at all with some wonderful touches of golden that tickled me when I viewed these photos.  Does this photo tell the real story of this scarf or is it just one of the many faces of Eve?....
 This scarf is chiffon which when gathered is very dark and mysterious but when the light shifts through the spaced fibers it gains translucency.  I am pleased with how this image speaks of the scarf, beter than I might have hope as the light was waning.
 This little gem is very bold in color but the camera in dim light gave it softness.  Does it tell truth?
 This scarf is the most bewildering in actuality and in image, as this scarf holds so much intense dye color, very deep red black, deepest purple to the point that most color is not seen unless one is looking hard into it.  It is a rarity because most dye pieces are not this entrenched with color, but the camera told a different story.  The camera tried very hard to see the color and it softened the colors, pulled out the blues...gave it a wonderful magic quality, but can these images be used to portray the scarf to a potential buyer.  Are they fabricating?  These images are not photoshoped.  The white figure seems to be but a ghost; the jacquard cloth background fades into nothingness.  I am enchanted with this scarf as I see it here in image form, but I can hold the very item and not recognize it as the same.

Oh, I am confused by the darkness and the light which makes it way out of this darkness.  Perhaps the sun will shine tomorrow morning and the north light will be reflective on the snow.  Perhaps I will again take these scarves to image form and make comparisons of the light and the right.

May your day hold sparkles and brief moments of sleep, deep sleep, hibernation dreams...


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Scarves are so beautiful...amazing how the light makes such changes. Selling is a good sign!

Susan Lenz said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your scarves are wonderful ... but I truly love your painting and the way you look and write about sculpture! Thanks again!

Maggie Neale said...

hello Mary Ann, thanks for your words. yes, light makes a great deal of difference. Soon we will begin the upward trend.

Maggie Neale said...

Susan, thanks for your visit and your encouraging words. Come visit again. Glad you enjoyed the sculpture post.