Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainy day, lobster roll, and Rockport

 Eating a delicious lobster roll at my favorite cafe....yum!  Had to drive off this morning in search of a post office to get mama's birthday card in the mail; went into Rockport and just after the P O was a seafood place; bought wild salmon, and a chowder but went back after having the recomendation for  for the roll by a local photographer...says it's the best in the state and I'm happy to be eating it!  Peter Ralston, the photographer, had a lovely gallery and some great prints of Andrew Wyeth who was a friend of Peter's.  We had a noteworthy chat and exchanged cards.  He is showing some of his Wyeth portraits in Paris later this month.  Told me to check out making a book at blurb.  I am writing this here instead of in my notebook as my pen has stopped writing.

So the above painting is 24x20 on paper, mixed media.  Can't believe I let that big shadow fall across the picture...didn't I see that?  Where was I looking?
 Looking everywhere and much at the water, which is ever changing.
looking at boats and even trying to draw again after many years of not wanting to draw or make recognizable objects,  Ann speaks of boats being cliche but that's not what I am thinking.

I put this angle in a painting; this being first layer.  It has morphed with the next layers but still remains a wooden boat on the rocks.  The show "all Aboard" has been reconsidered and is no longer with that theme, but my painting of a wooden boat on a board is still on the easel.

 Another mixed media...when I began this painting with no thought of direction just making gesteral strokes with oil pastels, I wasn't considering ocean or rocks but they have left a big impression and appeared on their own.  Kathy says Arthur Dove and  say "thank you!"
This is the card I sent off to Mama thanking her for teaching me to love the trees, the water and art.  The oak leaf is made from silk jacquard noil, hand dyed.  This is from a scrap left over from the jacket I have been designing and sewing for the last couple of days, early mornings before I let myself paint.  I enjoyed ripping the drawing into sections to see the pieces differently.  Mama still likes to touch edges and fabrics....I wish I could be with her Monday...I will be in spirit.

Blessings many more images I could share, but really I do need to get back to that big painting of the rocks.  I will make another post of sunrise and rocks....maybe tomorrow.  Process is good.


Altoon Sultan said...

You're having a very fruitful trip; I like the first painting very much, it's very fresh and full of light. Also the other mixed media work is wonderful. And who knows where that boat image will take you...on a new adventure.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful post...oh, my would love a lobster roll! Your photos and drawings speak volumes as your autumn card!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Altoon, yes, a wonderful full back home to see what I can make from it now. Thanks always for your comments. i really appreciate your support.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, wish I could present you with a lobster roll...wish I had one too! It was a working vacation of the first order. Now I need to rest up from it.