Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feeling Rocks, thinking rocks

Whew...back home but with rocks still on my mind....and sea and that Maine experience.  I've got images to share, to look over and organize....

Since being back I've made ads which were due, connected with email, and stocked the gallery with the new work sewn while away.  That was yesterday.  Today I spent the whole day at court!  I was summoned for jury draw and spent the day listening with 65 others to lawyers and the judge.  4 trials found their jurors.  I was chosen for one jury, but there are more to go.  So glad to be home to float among my images again.

The first image is of the rocks done with oil pastels which have a water element.  I wet the paper in the stream running from the waterfalls over the rocks above the ocean's edge.  Such a dramatic spot, vibrant with energy.  Sound of falls and waves making music together.

 Here we can see the paper on the rocks beside the run off water.
 The grand view with our beach in the background.
 Love these rocks, something so ancient about them.
 Another view...can you tell I was enchanted with this space?  I wish I had taped the sounds.
Here is Ann making her last visit on the rocks by our beach just before she drove away, back to VT.
 The rocks looking right away from beach, so craggy.  Our house is beyond these.
 Sunrise...every morning it was a celebration.
This is the other side of the point still part of Penobscot Bay, low tide...a photo that is almost a painting.
More tomorrow.  I must give myself a bit of rest.  I am a tired baby for all the seeing and taking in or maybe it was all the listening at court.  Whatever, I'm taking the rest of the night off.  Blessings!


nancy neva gagliano said...

home...memories of rocky shores and almost paintings photos.....and away from that courtroom. never could handle those arenas well myself.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Sounds like you hit the ground running...rest for sure!
These photos are breathtaking...one can almost feel the atmosphere of water and air. Keepsakes...of the heart!

Debbie said...

My fingers itch when I see your rock photos!! Marvelous color and texture!!!

Maggie Neale said...

Neva, Mary Ann and Debbie, always good to see your comments. Makes me feel connected to you. Thanks.

janetvanfleet said...

You have so much energy, Maggie! And it certainly comes out in your work. I love the one on your easel in the next post.

janetvanfleet said...

Lots of energy for painting and writing, Maggie! I'm looking forward to your show at SPA, "What's Beneath."