Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween, unfinished paintings, visitor and crazy weather

 Life goes on; I can hardly catch up with myself.  Clerking at Artisans Hand today and couldn't resist taking some shots.  It's pumpkin time and Karl Neubauer carves some great ones.  They look good nestled with my chenille scarves whch sport the colors of the season.
 New painting started at the ocean which now sits on my easel at the studio awaiting the next layer.  I am amazed how many days it has taken me to resettle into my studio and my life.  I have yet to put fresh paint on the palette, maybe tomorrow if I am lucky.
 Another new painting begun 2 days before I packed up, embedded dyed silk noil in both of these.  This one is so free in this beginning stage that I am leary of my next step.  22x28.  I encourage myself to deliberate some more.
Ticona came to visit.  While we were having coffee she spotted this other visitor in the upper garden.  Yes, all the gimmicks you see were designed to keep the deer away.  See how successful I am.

 The last outdoor Farmer's Market.  I was very happy with my purchases of the secondary colors.  Orange, green and purple.  Once a colorist, always a colorist.  I buy food for the color!
Did we get snow you ask and I can answer by photo.  Everything was coated but not heavily and it is gone now at evening.  We in the northlands were far luckier than those in NJ and Conn that I see on the news.  Bruce and I had to cancel our trip to see his granddaughter because of the storm:  we were very aware of the storm watching the weather channel and the computer to see how Boston area fared and some of the path we would have been driving.  Good decision; new plan is in the works.

Happy Halloween all!  Don't let the spooks get you; find bravery as we head into the darkness one more season.

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