Monday, October 17, 2011

Another beautiful ocean day!

Cafe time; Kathy's last day...the group changes shape as some come and go.  I've been here one week and have also a week to!  Sewing on the deck in the sunshine early morning, a walk and photo time, then painting in the garage/studio with the doors open.  Glorious day for October.  Here's our beach with afternoon sun.  I leaned on the big rock and bask in the sun yesterday.

 oil painting...I was needing to paint with warm tones when it was such a gray day, but then the tones overwhelmed me....shifting layers.18x18, just might change again.
 Rocks and shore keep coming up even when I'm not painting from life.
This guy was basking in the sun happy to have a zoom lens.

 Wind was a blowing.  Every day the water changes color.
 Love these light houses which stand guard on our drive...I think they will soon appear in my art.
This wooden boat is already having an appearance in a painting for our show called All Aboard which our group will assemble in January.  I am painting it on a board, just to keep the pun alive.
Visited some galleries up the coast...this sculpture won my "best of show", yes, all shovels!
 And this pear also won best of show from the Fresh from the Farm happy with the inspiration to place it on the deck for its memorial image.
 Our beach....24x24...probably not finished but coming along.
 And this baby was my first painting, fresh and already gaining attention from witnessing eyes.  Some paintings are born full and formed from the start.

Enough time on the computer but important to gather some images into a story...wonder if my sons will be curious enough to come see...hmmmm
Best wishes of success to you all...kisses into the wind.


Debbie said...

Like that last image, the painting, a lot.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

WOW! And another week to go...what a rich experience. I love your colors and are sitting in the middle of beautiful!

Jeane Myers said...

loved this post Maggie, so much to see, and the photo of the pear is wonderful xo

bruce wm said...

Great go, girl...wonderful work

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks all, to get your messages lights up my afternoon!

Judy Shreve said...

Love hearing about your retreat - and your painting interpretations of the beautiful scenes around you. Have lots of 'beautiful ocean days' this week!