Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wonder of Wood's Woman's Work

Some Vermont Women were asked to be part of the Woman's Work show at the Wood Art Gallery.  My art group were all invited.  We had proposed an exhibit of the 6 of us, but the idea has expanded and the group enlarged.  It is a large show with a very diverse gathering but a good looking show.  One of my friend's is embracing a graffiti style and does it boldly.  Two other women have gone very abstract from figurative.  It's good to see the changes in styles; the freedom to explore is evident.  I'm usually the colorist and my painting is more about neutral and contrast....even "white!"  This painting I have mentioned in the blog, but it is refined and now hanging in the gallery. 36x30.  It has begun to have conversations with the paintings around.

This 24x24 painting has a choice of hanging direction.  I put 2 wires on the back and talked to Joyce, main wonder at the Wood, about my idea of choice in direction.  She elected to hang it as a diagonal and it stands out in the show of rectangles and squares....hmmmm

Anyway the opening reception is tomorrow, Thursday 5-7, and I hope we get a good crowd.  The South Gallery shop features several groupings of individual's work.  I was given an expanse of wall and I made a group of 9 paintings.  I always learn more about my painting work when I hang a grouping.  Some elements find commonality.  Wish I had taken a photo of the group.  Maybe tomorrow.


Reception at SPA on Friday and my studio will be open to the public.  Want to come visit?


Altoon Sultan said...

Congrats on the Woman's Work show! I'm hoping to see it next time I'm in Montpelier. The work looks great.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Altoon; I enjoyed seeing your fiber pieces at SPA. Coming to reception?