Sunday, August 14, 2011

Harvest and Full Moon, Paintings and Play

 Apples gathered before the deer got them tonight.  They cook with a few blueberries and black raspberries making a fruit sauce....Just a touch of maple syrup...great with chicken and spread on toast.  I love making and eating fruit softened by heat.  So busy in the summer whirl,  have given so little time to words, but paintings are beginning to form.  This one began with red paint and red tulle, chartreuse tissue, wax and is evolving, shifting with each studio visit...maybe it is my full harvest moon appearing to me.  14x14 on canvas

Sauce done!  What a gorgeous wine color, but I can't stop for a photo now as I have more words ready to roll.
 This painting I was prepared to list on etsy when I upgraded the paint quality adding purple to the some of the blues and warming the sand.  I have improved now do I still put it on etsy, taking more photos?  Always so many hesitations and then changes.  I call it "First Step into the New Day" 12x12
 Still on a river visit tour.  Vermont rivers are so special in the summer.  This one is Dog River, so named when a dog went missing years ago, called Lost Dog River, but shortened and sweetened.  It is a sweet river flowing just feet away from my friend Lisa's summer cabin.  She comes back every summer with her French husband and sons, now 19 and 22, to camp at its banks and garden the nearby field....then back to Paris.

This summer Lisa rented this harp.  Friday she gave a concert in town.  I visited her to take some promotional shots.  Listening to harp music in the woods was a special treat.  Enjoying having her around, but soon August ends.....
Morning glory sweetness...those lovely heart shaped leaves!

 Challenging myself to paint Vermont.  I've had this photo in the file for a few years.  Finally putting it into paint.  Might get it done before the leaves do turn yellow for 2011.
Layers added....not finished, but I'm working....

 Last night we treated ourselves to a picnic at the Adamant Quarry which has a small black box theater.  The only way into the quarry is to attend the theater or be in it as far as I can tell.  We saw "Mousetrap", by Agatha Christie which did indeed have a surprise ending.  Play was fun but really it is the environment which thrills me more.  I will make a separate posting with some of my images.
 Actually these last 2 are from the quarry taken during intermission when the natural light was leaving and the spots gave their golden glow.  Just playing at the play.  Yes, Iphoto used to bring them more to life.  Good study for figures/abstract.  So many ideas...not nearly enough time.
Inspiration abounds....hope you all find some in your days.  Let me know your thoughts.


Judy Shreve said...

Maggie - what a great post - one of hope and new plans and wonderful work -- summer's bounty and beauty and the hope of a glorious fall. Love your Vermont painting - start.

Maggie Neale said...

Judy, such an appreciative comment...I do thank you...yes, hope for a glorious fall. Excited to get into studio tomorrow and put the color to fall again.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Great tour...began with my thoughts about your wine colored sauce and then that beautiful green river! I love rivers and this one is a beauty. Thanks for all the photos, looks like you are painting and painting more...good summer!