Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quarry Wonder and State of Wonder

Rock chips left behind as the deserted quarry fills with water.  Sculptures now in the special park of the Quarryworks theater.  I was there a couple of times and I know I have taken photos there before but I didn't take these photos before.  Amazing what draws the eye and frames out the picture...a wonder, yes, I am often in a state of wonder which is a good reason to be drawn to the book State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.  I am listening to it on my computer purchased from  There are so many ways to gain wisdom and pleasure when seeking out the state of wonder.

Bruce is in MA about to teach a yurt workshop at a Felters Fling.  He has designed a 15 inch yurt so each student makes their own model and then makes a felt covering.  The teacher of felted covering is coming from Kazakistan and one of Bruce's student has come from New Zealand...a global Fling.  I'll go down on Wed to socialize, scope it out, and take some more on that story later.

Openings went well; paintings well received but no one just had to take one home with them.  the silks still are the money maker for me.  I've had some confusion lately.  My cell phone has gone missing and the itch has blossomed into poison ivy...amazing how that poison moves through my body and affects my peace.

More views of the wonders of the quarry and my photo take on it.

This is the amazing one for my eye.  One of my friends says she is always surprised how much my photos parallel my paintings.  I would be happy if this was my painting.  Why do I feel a painting is so much more valuable than a photo?
Ah!  The quarry works lurk at the water edge.  Love those rusted metal parts!

Shot under lights during intermission of the play Mousetrap by Agatha Christie.  I felt like I was in a play the whole time I was there...transported....yes, a state of wonder

While I was working on these words, my new photos loaded, so here are 2 more.

 This one I put the final layer on and it feels done and gives me satisfaction.  I'm pleased with layering of land to the skt view, but enough abstract qualities to let paint play happen. 24x20
This silk square is quite a painting in itself.  I am considering the ways of presentation or ways to make it be more permanent....hmmmmm, more wondering states.

What say you all, my readers?


Debbie said...

The water quarry chip photos are magnificent. Why can't you have photos and paintings of the same thing? Go for it.

Love the painting of the rocks, what is medium.

Sorry you have not sold at the show, but give it time.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Debbie, oil mostly with a bit of wax on canvas. Photos and paintings of the same thing...feels like copying somehow, not coming from an original source--at least that's my answer in this moment. I'll print up a couple and see what moves me.

Thanks for your words.