Friday, July 29, 2011

Water in the Desert

 Yeah!  My scarf order has been dyed and steamed before the rains came.  I got to the studio and had the back door open to listen to the sound of falling rain.  We've been quite dry since I returned from the southwest where it actually rained several times in my one week stay... the monsoon season.

Tomorrow is the Barre Heritage Festival and some folks might stop in to Studio Place Arts and make their way to my studio.  I'd be happy to share some of my art with interested parties, but I also want to witness the fiddlers contest and dance to Wontanara.....and the parade goes right by our building.

Sidetracked again...I was thinking of water today.  Did the quick drawing to spread my wings in the new space.  On paper which I gessoed to hold its shape as I drew with oil pastels, added turp and then did some palette knife work.  An exercise to exorcise.  18x24

Rio Grande River at Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, NM.  So beautiful!  This was taken just after the torrential rain which gushed through the town stopping all traffic as the streets filled with water.  That river was rushing.
 Hot spring pools on the river bank...divine!
 Nature hike on Cienega Creek which started early morning before the heat of the day.
Creek bed now only damp, but to see all the grasses laid down from the water's rush was impressive.

After the hike with Liisa, we drove south almost to the border to Patagonia, a great town, good cafe and art galleries, and this wonderful lake.  Very special!  The story I've heard is the lake was part of a housing community project, expensive homes with this man made lake, which went bankrupt and the lake was purchased by the state...worked for us!

What's this?  a swimming pool...yes, my sister has a refreshing water hole in her back yard which we used every day.  All my other trips to Tucson have been in March, April, and October when swimming in this pool was not quite as easy.
Vermont water joined this post of desert water.  Bruce and I celebrated a scarf delivery in Waitsfield by jumping in the river just a quick walk from town center.  We are so lucky with our water sources in Vermont!

Small mixed media painting that I've been working on in the new studio, says water to me as it falls into place in this posting.  Hope you are all enjoying!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

So like your photos of water...beautiful. Hope to see photos of your festival...your town knows how to have fun! This last drawing a beauty.

Unknown said...

As you say, it's lovely to have water outside the door. Hope those fiddlers are good!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, love taking photos of water, but what will my photos of festival say? I'll take my camera and see how it all reacts.

Maggie Neale said...

Annie, I'll think of you when with the fiddlers today.