Monday, July 25, 2011

Silk and Reflections on travel

 Back to painting silks and I can feel my trip coming through on the flow of dye.  It's late and I can't believe I am trying to make words for these images.  Finally getting to look and mess with my photos from trip.  I told my son who is working in Africa that I'd be loading some images on the blog.  Ezra is back in the capital of Cameroon so internet is available.  Hope he checks in here....but must get some for him to see.
 Love seeing red and the cracking cement of this hot springs tub.  Did my art eye pick this up and frame it out?  It feels like making a painting with my camera eye.
 My sister Martha who adventured with me.  I see her 9 year old self in this image.  We realized later that this form represents a turtleback for the turtle back mountain which overlooks this hot spring.
Yes, here is Martha again with her partner Terryl.  We were up in the Catalinas, the sky island where the weather is cooler.  We had rain that day and scurried off the mountain not to be caught in a monsoon swell.
Drove into Barre this afternoon after steaming scarves.  I had to get to my studio.  My art today was in "home decor" as I spent the time there changing furniture around, washing floor and windows, and hanging paintings.  Such fun to see the paintings making conversations with each other.  I am liking being in this new space.  Not sure if I want that futon couch that came with the room but when I put the hollow core door on it, I had a whole new surface for working or at least spreading...and if I do get guests.....Homecoming on Sat in Barre.  Some great music and fireworks can be seen from my back porch.  Want to come over?


Judy Shreve said...

Maggie - welcome home! I love the scarfs - the colors and the stories you see & tell. How wonderful that you got to spend time with your sister - and still recognize her nine year old self in that wise face. Great post. Wish I could come to Homecoming in Barre.

Altoon Sultan said...

The first two photos are just beautiful; I can see how the silk was influenced by your trip. Welcome back to your lovely new studio. I hope it provides much inspiration!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Judy and Altoon for your response. Gathering visual energy through travel and then spreading it out through art. Communication on many levels is appreciated.

rider said...

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janetvanfleet said...

Maggie, the studio looks fabulous! I'm glad you're back at SPA, and I can't wait to walk in and see it in person. I was there briefly on Monday late afternoon, but didn't see you. I'm off to Provincetown until Saturday afternoon, so I won't be coming to Homecoming, but I hope you have a great day.

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