Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art at the Grandmothers Council

 Oh my, so many thoughts and feelings have been churned in these past days.  I am not quite ready to really write about the grandmothers visit yet, but I will begin tonight with the art installed for their coming.  I hung this large silk in one of the break out rooms off the chapel where some of the workshops were held.  The workshop I attended in this room was "Healing Our Waters" and this piece seems so fitting.  It is 45x90 and I see a form dancing, a water goddess to my eyes.
This was another room decor.  The sticks I rescued from the raging lake waters, some sanded smooth by water action.  Our water situation has been intense.  When Amma Bombo from Nepal spoke of her awe of all our they must walk a great distance for a jug of water.  That there is a great scarcity of water as many trees have been cut; the life cycle is being destroyed.  And to think I was bailing water from my basement just days before.  Now that is another story, not to be told at this point.

Here is the labyrinth we made at Vt College for this event.  Lovely bean mandalas, a great center stone, but so impermanent.  I walked it several times and will again tomorrow, but it must be erased so grass cutting can go on as before....alas.
And here is our sacred fire, lit by friction at the opening ceremony.  This fire burned for 3 days while the grandmothers visited, watched over by fire keepers, who smudged all who entered the central circle in keeping with the old ways.  We as a  community have pledged to keep this fire burning until the Solstice, though the fire was moved to Two Rivers community farm.  Today Bruce and I made our way there with wood in arms and a prayer ready on our lips.  My brother has just been told he can have his operation in July and I wished him healing and the grandmothers success on the rest of their journey to Omega and then to their homes.  They are courageous and worthy of a whole blog entry very soon.

Now I sleep.  I have worn myself out in these days of prayer and vigil.  Be well my faithful readers.


Sophie Munns said...

Sounds like a very engaging, intense and even tiring time Maggie.... but also very very poignant and much to be taken from the experience.
Thanks for sharing this....

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Sophie, welcomed as always...anything this intense will be tiring. I took in a lot. Seed saving was spoken of by Marie Alice founder of Centro Medicina da Floresta, flower essences. More later.

San said...

Maggie, I would love to read more about this Grandmothers Council. Your water goddess watching over the "Healing Our Waters" workshop is, yes, so fitting. And the graceful draped form of fabric I find lovely.

I've had interesting experiences walking labyrinths. Sorry I haven't been around in so long, but I landed here on a great post.

Velma Bolyard said...

maggie, i have been so busy, came over here tonight after dropping you an email to find all of this. oh, lord, how amazing. how amazing. i want to know more!