Friday, June 10, 2011

Acknowledging the whisper of the spirit guides

This painting has been in ambivalence for quite a is allowing the spirit guides and I am seeing them not just with their whisper.  20x24, oil/wax on canvas and much more than this photo can really tell.  It whispered to me today to place it here to begin this writing help to channel my diverse thinking into a path of intention.  Guided by a painting?  Why not?

A rough week, following the spiritual week...trying to get back on track with survival.  Bruce and Jonah have both been fire keeping and I have been support, meaningful and time consuming.  Tuesday I made my way back to silk painting as I had an custom piece to get under way.  The day was sunny and hot and I could press hard under the circumstances.  Felt good....but I wanted to share some more of the grandmothers visit here before more time put the experience into the deep past.

 We took over Vermont College Campus and constructed a tipi on the west side of the sacred fire;  this became home shelter for the fire keepers.
 View from the labyrinth, post in front.  The columned building is the gym which we used for the Abenaki children performance when rain drove us from the fire circle.
 Lounge, dining room, conference of volunteers learning about the sacred fire and that photos weren't allowed, and here I was with my camera...oh, oh, That's my painting above the mantel and silk covering the TV.  It was a pleasure to bring my art into the settings to enliven the visuals.  They were blessed in being there.
 Yes, the grandmothers.  Finally at the end of the closing ceremony we had a short photo moment.  So many people jumped up with telephones and mini cameras that it was hard to find a clear location.  Rita from Alaska, Agnes from Oregon, Amma Bombo from Nepal, Julietta from Oaxaca, Marie Alice from Brazil, and Rita from Pine Ridge Res in S Dakota.  Red Spider Woman Margaret from Wyoming was in her room recovering from taking in too many tears, as it was explained to us.  These woman are an inspiration to me and to our community.,
Here is Grandma Agnes, oldest at 87, and yet still so strong.  Her totem is the dragon fly which calls to mind inspiration to me...something I read long ago, an association.  She is especially inspiring, born the same year as my mother, still working hard.  She has brought back the Salmon ceremony and has closed 2 dams so the salmon can spawn.  She holds up her hand and says "Two more to go".
But the day calls me...I leave you with the image of the closing circle, archway in the east.  A good friend stands within the heart felt a lot of love in this closing circle for all.  The seed has been planted; now we need to nourish this garden.
Ending with was a joy to come upon this screen painting as we walked from the labyrinth.  A painting for outdoors, weather resistance and changing with the angle.
Blessings to all.  Be creative and listen for the whisper of your spirit guides.


borustella said...

Maggie, It's been such a long time since art brought "tears". this new post is beautiful and brought a not-too-often 'gut' reaction. I love this. I also appreciate your 'eye's view of the amazing times with the 13 Grandmothers.
Blessings, Susan Templeton

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A rich experience. Yes, I do believe in allowing paintings to be a part of the conversation. This beginning piece is strong and beautiful.

Unknown said...

All those grandmothers! What a powerful gathering. I would love to have been there.

Maggie Neale said...

Greetings Susan....heartfelt words for a heartfelt painting in a heartfelt post...I thank you for being there and here with me.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Mary Ann, yes, it was, still is, a rich experience. The painting helped to bring up the words. I need to make a visit to your words.

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Annie, you would have found such meaning with these grandmothers...maybe they will come to Brighton...I'll come visit your words this weekend.