Sunday, May 8, 2011

Water, water and Mother

Rain and more rain, flooding, and tears.  Silks dyed and Mama failing.  Day passes into night and I must gather my images and put some words into form here before I sleep.

Facebook suggested that we post images of our mothers.  This made me look into images.  Facebook does some good for me...directing me.
 My Mama before I knew her;  she did love to swim.  Good to give thoughts to her now.
 April 2009 in Norwalk....just 2 years ago.
 Here she is in March this year...looking with some interest into the other end of the camera.
My last viewing of my Mama...she was sleeping when we came to visit before I left...we didn't disturb her....

Wrightsville Reservoir under water, amazing how much water is collected here this spring.  Lake Champlain is over the highest recorded height and has been for more than 3 weeks.  Causing much damage and consternation.

Art form for this week.  Pack of Cards for the postcard show at SPA.  This image was taken while form still in process...more gilded and slick,,,been fun to have the concept and carry it out.  These theme shows make me work.

So Happy Mother's Day to all who mother and to this great Mother Earth who cries tears for us all.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your silk piece shows rain,water and possibly tears to me...very beautiful. The photos of water are unusual Spring. My best to you on this Mother's Day.

Debbie said...

Very touching and really hit home. I lost my 95 year old Mom 4 years ago last March. And the next day I had to hang a solo show, with my 2 year old granddaughter into who was with me for the week. Life goes on , not without pain and suffering, but also not without joy.


Maggie Neale said...

Hello Mary Ann, The silk piece, ah, showing tears, too...Sunny day today, gardening is solace.

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Debbie, Mother's day, a day to think of our mothers. I ripped out the sod and put in a small mother's garden yesterday--violets and forget-me-nots, lilies and lemon balm. Mama loves lemon. Bitter-sweet, all.