Friday, April 29, 2011

Landscapes..painted and real

It's been a busy week, rather crazy.  I did get in some solid studio time.  I also applied for another show at Vermont Supreme Court after being encouraged by Justice Skoglund to do so.  With the idea of a show next year in a prominent location where big paintings are needed...well, it is inspiring.  This painting is 30x30.  I used some pregessoed canvas which had been given to me.  It is so much harder to stretch it and get a good surface to work on.  But after another layer of gesso, it seems to work.  Rock forms come into play even when not considering rocks in the beginning.  This painting seems to have painted itself rather than my struggle with bringing the painting out.

Then I had the bright idea of a challenge.  Paint the background a color.  I used acrylic, an odd green gold and while that was drying I painted a banner on an old muslin sheet, so very wrinkled, for the healthcare rally and march on Sunday, May 1.  This painting, 24x24, is not finished but was good to look at again today.  I seem to be hanging low with diverticulitis, oh, my aching belly, doctor visit today, feeling a bit revived.

Yesterday painting the banner for healthcare, bent over--heart burn, stomach ache, nausea, followed and many bathroom trips all through the night  I needed healthcare.

But I didn't even post any images from here they are before any more time passes.

Easter sunrise.  Yes, still cold but with light.
The turkeys were out and it was youth hunting weekend.  The hunters shared the road with us, but they didn't get this one for Thanksgiving dinner.
The turkeys were being fed at the bird feeders of the home my friend was housesitting.  We got some close viewing of these amazing creatures.  Not eggsacully the Easter bunny.
 Beautiful walk up the road to visit the estate on the top of the hill where our friends are the gardeners.

 Wayne built this bridge using whole tree trunks...some wonderful landscaping.  Looking forward to a summer visit.
Gotta love the crocus, so brave and boldly determined to flower in spite of the weather.

More landscapes...Studio Place Arts has a postcard show coming up.  Most of these could be mailed for 1 cent, obviously a while back.  I sat stitching them together while the paint was drying on the sign and the green painting.  I've been wondering for years how I would make use of them.


Altoon Sultan said...

The first painting is beautiful with its subtle coloration and simplicity. It's almost not there yet has a lot of weight.And the early spring pictures are great to see.

Jeane Myers said...

love the first painting Maggie :)

Maggie Neale said...

That's Altoon and Jeane for your support on that first painting. I'm getting ideas for how to work on second piece. Carried the banner in the march and stood with it on capital steps...whew!