Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Flower Hue inspiration

Busy days, the garden calls, trips to Lowell to rescue the new apple trees, saved from the deer, but nibbled by mice...oh my, spring wonders!  I am always amazed by the yellows in daffodils and that daffodils can withstand the ground nibblers, the cold and even spread to places I don't remember planting the bulbs.  Crocus too!  This one was given to me by my Ukrainian friend Sifia and makes me think of her with its blooming.
 Always a thrill to spot the red trillium...this one a gift while digging mulch from the woods.  Iphone capture.
So many trout lilies, enough to pick a couple for closer examination.  My color musing zeros in on the red to green on the stems.
 So happy with this everchanging red/pink on this tulip.  It can appear pale and vibrant, almost dayglow as it opens to the sun.  This tulip is getting larger each day.  I am filled with spring wonder.
 Marsh marigolds, given also to me by Sofia, spreading...I might be sorry to include them in my pond area.....but the green is so rich, and the buds worth watching.
 Love the pansies, hardy enough to withstand some frosty evening so the first planting in the flower boxes.  I just had to mix up some purples for painting scarves...inspiration.
An this apricot...glorious!  It sings of sunshine, almost edible.  Flowers do make me happy.  We've put Mama on hospice; hard not to be near her and conversation on the phone is so limiting.  I told her of my flowers yesterday.  I like tulips.  I like pansies and Mama says back to me "And I like you".  Oh, Mama, I love you and am so happy we could find connection over the wire.
Not much studio time this week, but I did take this one to art group.  It is moving along and has such a nice surface quality and glow...something not captured in this photo...maybe today I can get to the studio, rain clouds are evident...but farmer's market is on the agenda for now.

Have a good weekend all and thanks for stopping by for a garden visit.


Altoon Sultan said...

Lovely images, Maggie, and the painting has the colors of spring!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for sharing this great spring garden tour...the green is amazing.
Hospice care is very glad you can still connect in words.

Maggie Neale said...

Altoon, thanks for noticing the coordinated colors of spring. Stood out to me in this post too.

Mary Ann, Glad you enjoyed the spring garden tour...connections are fewer; a surprise when it happens.

Sophie Munns said...

"Ancient realm"... just toured by your website Maggie and wanted to say how much I loved that work..and others too... but that one... can I tumblr it? If so do share the image my way... with acknowledgements to you of course.
Like also very much that ploughed field of amazing ribbons of colour!
and here...such beatiful blooms coming through...
have a lovely week... enjoy the springtime!

Maggie Neale said...

Oh Sophie, your comments inspired me to make changes on my template. Ancient Realm, I mistook that painting for another. I will find that image to send to you to tumblr it. Thanks for you appreciation.