Sunday, March 20, 2011

Syncing back into life as I know it--Heart Swell

 Made it back from trip to AZ and even got into the studio to check out what had been going on via paintings before I left.  This painting grabbed my heart and the warmth of the center swell sent me reeling again.  It was a relief to dive into paint and leave the worries of the world....thinking of Japan now....behind me as colors blended.  I found myself working so directly on the painting using my fingers...up close and personal.
 Reason for the get son Jonah out to visit with his grandmother while she could still recognize him.  I was the one who had trouble recognizing her when I entered her cottage...she has aged so, but she lit up when she saw me...with recognition still.  Here she whispers and cuddles with Jonah.....another heart swell for sure.
 My boy, now a man, getting his western look going.  Walking in the desert was our form of relaxation.
 Desert path....Martha and Jonah had time to visit while I dragged behind with camera in hand.
 But there was water too!  Sabino Canyon has a wonderful river.  I was wading in this water when I snapped this shot.  We even found noon time shade with the high canyon walls.  Lovely.  I could have stayed much longer but we had a meeting scheduled with the head of Mama's alzheimer's village.  They wanted to check in on how we saw Mama's progression or decline....a heart swell again.
 Gosh, it was beautiful, the sandy paths and how the light catches on the grasses. I was moved to take these and am so glad I've captured these to keep the memories alive.
More images to sort out....I missed posting and then since I've been back, I couldn't seem to find my way back to posting.  Where to begin....well, I have begun.  Thanks for sharing this with me.


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Maggie,
Its lovely to see the journey you made. Im very pleased that your mother was still recognising her beloveds and you could see her for a bit!
Important for your son too no doubt.
That beautiful place you went walking...the water looked gorgeous... is it cold there?
Much happening to work on you heart.... good to get back into the paint!
I've not been able to paint for a couple of months. The studio I was offered for a year actually got taken back due to a big change with the arrangements for the building... so everything got packed up for a while and I'm only just making room to get into it again!
You miss it dont you!
It can be very groundng..
as for japan...well we hope and pray things dont get any worse really...

Maggie Neale said...

Sophie, lovely message! We were in Arizona where the weather was in the 80s, gorgeous skies. Water refreshing. Always wonderful to come upon water in the desert. Yes, studio time is so grounding...hope you get studio time again soon.

The earth is quaking and shifting. What is going on in Japan is only a small piece of it, but a tragedy and the reprecussions will be many I fear. Keep heart!