Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eve of Departure with Snowstorm

 New beginning of a painting, embedded linen tatters with paint, but it seems to express some of the anxiety that I am feeling with the forecast of many inches through the night.  Rain all day, sleet, freezing and now snow.  Tomorrow morning we will head out to airport after our road is plowed.  We are all on edge...Bruce says we take up less space this way.  Humor surfaces.
 This 12x12 looks like the lump in my stomach, pulsating.  Abstract art can have so many meanings depending on the mindset.  My mind is uneasy tonight....but the bags are packed.  Jonah and I will make it to Tucson sometime.....God willing.
Took this last shot as I was leaving the studio yesterday.  I've been working on the edge treatment and firming up a number of paintings...must be a show coming up even if I have to negotiate it myself.  I do have a collection gathering which is begging to be seen.

My computer stays behind on this trip.  I'll check in with my iphone, but posting....not sure about that.  Might just have to say I'm on vacation.  Be well, readers and friends.


ArtPropelled said...

Have a relaxed trip Maggie. (Enjoyed Bruce's humor). I will have to wait patiently for you to get back to see what you do with the embedded linen tattered piece. It looks promising.

Judy Shreve said...

Have a wonderful trip Maggie -- hope there are no snow delays getting out! I'm looking forward to seeing more work on your newest painting.

Altoon Sultan said...

I hope you had a safe journey in this terrible storm, Maggie.
I love seeing the group of paintings in the studio; they look great.

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Robyn, Judy, and Altoon. back home, flight cancelled but we didn't find this our until we had hand shoveled the driveway and the road to make an early getaway, then held up on 89 by an accident which closed the highway...not us thankfully, but a long day with steady falling snow and mounting up in great banks. Trying to escape winter can be trying. Thanks for your comments.