Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Winds Whisper

March Winds Whisper hand painted abstract silk
Originally uploaded by colormuse

New scarves are blowing in the wind after being born on my dye table. Definitely a sign of spring when the light is stronger and I feel like returning to painting silks. New colors awaken under my brush....plums mixed with silvery greens, teals and sky blue. I have an order for a chiffon jacket in rich blues...mother of the bride request...inspiration.

Yet soon I'll be packing my bag and heading out to Tucson for the family visit. Jonah will be going with me to see his grandmother again and play with his aunt Martha.  Yes, we will play and mend as family's do.

 Tuesday we ventured to Lowell so we could remove the snow layers from the yurts.  Here is that fine son Jonah by his yurt.  Maybe you can see how much snow there is...the yurt is on a platform raised from ground.  Oh how long will it take for the snow to melt and flowers to come from the earth?
Snow shoed in, leaving our snow shoe tracks behind us.  A day to remember as we traipse the desert.

Hopefully I'll be posting before I leave and then, could I really make posts from my iphone...I might just have to try it.  Be well, my friends.


Altoon Sultan said...

It's wonderful to see some sign of spring in your new scarf. Even though your winter pictures are beautiful, I hope spring has taken hold by the time you return from your trip. Have a wonderful time!

Judy Shreve said...

Have a wonderful trip -- love the winter photos but hope spring is close at hand. Your new scarf is fabulous - great colors - remind me of spring crocuses and irises.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks You Altoon and Judy...spring is in the light and in my dreams but the temperatures are still winter. The trip planned for March helps my wait for crocus.