Saturday, February 26, 2011


 And I wondered why I was painting white!  40x30, Dreaming--When the Snow Covers the River, not finished by resting.
 Lake Champlain in its winter dress
Out for walk with Ticona in Greenboro, but not so very green.
Fascinated by shadows and the way the trees melt the snow--powerful, these trees and their living force.
Out our back door...aren't we lucky!  However spring is not near.
Can you guess?
 Oh!  There he is makin' tracks.  These snow shoes Bruce got when he was 5...63 years ago, an antique!
Such fish tracks they make.  Mesmerizing.
My new snow shoes are light and small, but not nearly the fish making tracks.  Yes, this is the view up the back hill.  Glorious blue sky, very cold, but we were delighted to be out, witnessing the many varied tracks of the critters who had made their way across the expanse.  The snow here is probably 2 feet deep but the crusty surface aids our track making and finding....just trying to enjoy the white!
Hope you all are finding ways to stay inspired.  Happy last weekend of February.


helen said...

Wonderful pictures and painting!

Maggie Neale said...

Thank you Helen for your visit.