Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Excursion

Feeling there is a story to tell here, I gather my pictures to see how they can be of assistance in the telling.  My sons together at red bow season, standing on the porch of the home we claimed for celebration of the family as 2010 turns to 2011.  Friendly Crossways is a retreat center and hostel in Harvard, MA.  It served us well and we all called it "home".
 No matter the age of this first son, the stocking is a pleasure.  Finally we had the chimney and mantle befitting the stocking.  Ezra called out for this picture.
 The next day we headed off for Cambridge taking Route 2 all the way in, stopping for brunch in Concord.  Rainy and warm, mist rising from the waterways lining the road, not typical January 2 weather, but much easier than a snow storm.  We found our way to Peabody Museum at Harvard, missing the morning of FREE by only a short time...but it was worth the pay.  We all found exhibits to move our senses.  This skeleton grabbed my intrigue.  Jonah went over to tickle the belly.  How else could I show this scale?
 The forms were so beautiful to me.  I felt my dad with me and together we looked closer.
 What a beautiful fin/hand.  I could feel its push against the water.
 The following day (after a good night's sleep with tummies full of the meal we all prepared in the well utensiled kitchen of the prepped for a group's cooking experience) we headed for Boston taking the T part of the way coming up from underground at Boston Common where scores of pigeons were being fed bread crumbs.  The light came back to Shannon's face as she witnessed the mass feeding, flying up, circling, and returning of the birds
 Sunny, but so cold with wind chill of 3 degrees.  We were bundled.  Ezra and Shannon more used to the heat of Cameroon than Boston wind chill.
 We sheltered in galleries on Newbury Street and I was so pleased with my companions and their ability to really look at art and so enjoy.  Here Shannon discusses the painting which Jonah ad chosen as his favorite in Axelle Fine Arts, a treasure of a gallery.
Paintings by Philippe Jacquet of Paris
 A favorite of mine of Philippe Jacquet

 Bruce delighted in leading us through some of his haunts of Boston.  He was tentative of Newbury St but was thrilled when we all appreciated the Library.  We got 2 wonderful visits in to his son, wife, and baby who live only 30 minutes from the Hostel.  Why didn't I get pictures of them all?  Must have been too busy holding the baby.
 Ezra and Shannnon came rushing up to meet us in the Library.
 Subway experience.  We were tired out.
 Airport trip early the next day, before rush hour and in time for us to see the sun rise over the ocean in Marblehead.  Many memories.  Now I must get back to that bread rising. So long for now.

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