Monday, January 10, 2011

Studio time!

 This painting has been nagging me for some time to put the brush to it again and firm it up.  So that's what I did last week after my student left....felt good to keep the movement and freshness but make it stronger in color, texture and form.  20x20 or maybe 24x24 with deep gallery wrap framing. "Earth Forces"
 This is small, 12x9, oil...looks a bit washed out here...definitely delicately grey
 Only 2 days work on this so it is still changing...even it's direction seems uncertain, but good to get another look at it.  24x20
More boat like this way, water, sky.  What is it about water and sky these days for me?  I also seem to be fond of these colors.  They mix easy for me.  I tried a red painting with acrylics and love the red area, but I have made a total failure of the opposing area of the painting.  I can't even look at it: it hurts.  Changes coming on that one.

Tomorrow is Art Group.  I'm wondering what I'll take to share with the group.  Feeling saddened by the tragedy in Tucson seems to overwhelm the decision process of some of the most simple things.  My reading from Pema Chodrun spoke of joy....which seems hard to reach for in these days.  Yet I have been noticing that the days are slightly longer in light.  Rest ye well, all.


Altoon Sultan said...

Beautiful color and shape in "Earth Forces", full of rich energy. It's nice to see the work going on in the studio, in these getting-slightly-longer days.

Maggie Neale said...

Altoon, yes, so pleased with the lengthening days. Always a pleasure to paint, glad you are enjoying seeing what I'm doing.