Friday, January 7, 2011

2001, catching up, new dreams, and finishing the sketchbook

 The sketchbook project is due Jan 15, so I have to get those last few double pages finished.  I tried a different glue here with unhappy results...experimentation goes on.
 Double page doubled with a drawing on tracing paper overlaying a photo and a picture.  Creativity is a force of nature.
 Getting ready to go test out my new caran d'ache on children's faces for First Night...testing the colors here 5 minutes.  faces had to be painted in 5 minutes too with the ongoing line and the wiggles of young ones.  Happy New Year!
 New energy to get back to the book.  I cleared my dye table to clippings, paper, magazines, and colors....moving forward with a positive attitude.  These books are scheduled to travel to many different cities for exhibition.  Check out for the schedule.
The road extended before us for miles on the trip...loved seeing that pink plastic chair lodged in the snow at road's edge.
 This painting has been waiting for a signal to be placed again upon the easel.  After my class on Wed, I worked on it and feel it is so much more solid in its watery earth moving, sun glow way.  20x20
Marblehead, MA, where the sun rose in a glorious way on Jan 4 when we arrived after dropping Ezra and Shannon off at the airport for the early flight back to CA.  More of that story coming in the next post.  Be well and stay warm.

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