Monday, November 22, 2010


This sketchbook is becoming my journey.  This hand painted and printed piece of silk has been hanging around for years waiting to be chosen to become important to art.  I found a few other elements to form a composition, then I had to secure the items to the page, this thin paper gets my goat again.  I attached them last night with a polymer matte medium which curdled the paper, took the silk before it was placed carefully and left the page behind begging for help.

So I gave myself 5 minutes to pull off the next page, putting the book back into shape.  This drawing on wallpaper floated into my hands within the short time limit.  I ripped off the edges to get it to the right size and glue it in.  There is a sense of satisfaction in making something 5 minutes!
Is it all about time?  No way!  My early drawing of Coiled needed a partnering.  Did I make an odd couple?   I was comforted with the piece of silk in such complimentary colors which was lying on the counter beside me when I was gluing.  What made me turn my eye to see this edge of cloth just when I did?  Is it all about timing?

Journey, the main journey of this day was our trip to Avery's home, outside Boston, where she practices her new life with Will and Courtney.  This is Bruce's first grandchild.  He held her in true comfort and remembrance of of holding Will year's ago.  Amazing how those memories come back.  Our children start out so small and innocent.  A true Thanksgiving message.  Blessed be!

The proud new Mother, Courtney.  We are so pleased we made the journey.  It has enhanced our lives.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby. A journey worthwhile indeed.

Altoon Sultan said...

The sketchbook is proving very fruitful, with lots of invention and fun.
And topped with a beautiful family visit and the wonder of a new baby!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Zappha for your visit here.

Maggie Neale said...

Yes, Altoon, fruitful and inventive. Keeps me being creative. I sewed hats for the new one...that was a wonder very small we all begin this living.