Friday, November 19, 2010

Sketchbook Progresses, red chenille, and thankful

" In 5 minutes" can mean so many things and can stretch out in time.  Ripping up old magazines could be a fast method to make art or maybe not.  I seemed to lose track of all time last night as I read, looked for 5s and then other pieces to complete the "picture".  I think I got a bit silly an that felt good too.  There is freedom in doing whatever I wanted even if it took me longer than 5  minutes.  I found myself saying "Just in 5 more minutes!"  Yes, the legs fold up into the book.  Other pieces showing are laying in wait for their turn to be become placed and attached.  This is a real on going process until I turn it in mid January, just at the time of my second son's waiting out a pregnancy....I know how to do that.
 Number 5, Coco Chanel made that an important scent and a memorable number for some.  I read a lovely book about her and her relationship with Igor Stravinsky.  Creative lives merging and yet the need to do their own thing.  Did Stravinsky have a "5"?
 Symbols of 5, I had to go exploring...wikipedia can be so enlightening.  5s seems to appear with importance in so many cultures and religions.
 5 symbolizes versatility.  I might be on the right path after all.  My heart reaching out in the 4 directions making 5.  Yes!  Bob Marley sings to me now "where is the dream of everlasting peace?  Everywhere is war!  War in the East, war in the West, Up north there is war and in the south war rages.  War!"
 So I put on the red warp to make those needed warming chenille scarves in the hue of the season, the energizing red.  Holly berries and love.  Warm and protect us all.
 Spirits claimed my attention as I passed by the window where they are hanging out and the camera framed them.  Red, yellow and blue, the primaries, group together here with the dust.
While the camera was still in hand, I snapped this photo of a framed photo of Mama sitting with her 2 girls in Cypress.  1995, 15 years ago.  I can remember because I had just purchased this house and was leaving the 2 boys and their father to build the back deck.  I was sad because the apples trees had not blossomed yet and I would be missing their first flowering.  I have seen many flowerings since, but this trip was not to be repeated.  It is a precious memory.  I am thankful.

I hope you all can feel the thanks and gratitude in these waning November days.  Blessings to you.

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