Friday, November 26, 2010

Glorious end of November hues on silk jacquard

Glorious end of November hues on silk jacquard
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This scarf has been hanging around and not been chosen when I sent off groupings od scarves, but today the colors in it spoke to me. Colors for the end of November, perhaps not all these days are glorious but the purples and browns, russets reach for the sky of which we see more now that leaves have swirled to the ground.

Now with my galleries stocked and the group shows I am taking part in all set up, I am determined to make my shop on be more tempting to the online shopper. Always something to keep me busy, but I do like most of this work which keeps me going.

My tarot spoke of building a bridge to my future...sigh.  This drawing of oil pastel, washed with turpentine on pebbled paper was added to my sketchbook today.  I am now in the very middle of the book.  It is a far bigger project than I had thought when I took it on "in 5 minutes".  I am enjoying the brief exercises I am undertaking.  It is a valuable project.

Enjoy your weekend.  Let the creativity flow.


helen said...

You have chosen some of my favorite colors! Like your blog very much.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Helen for your visits. Hope you keep coming back for more.

San said...

"Glorious" is just the word for those hues. What a gorgeous scarf!

And the little sketch is quite compelling.

Maggie Neale said...

Oh San, good to hear from you! The scarf was snatched up quickly and is being happily worn in CA. The sketch is now glued into my sketchbook project...moving on....hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.