Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lupin and Loupy

It has been a crazy busy last set of days, sewing clothes for the fashion show, which was on Sat.  The rain held off fortunately and I have pictures to show and tell about tomorrow.  I'm too tired to do a just post tonight, but I wanted to check in before I put myself to bed.  The lupin have been glorious this year and today I spotted the first of the yellow lilies.  Hurrah for flowers but how fast they bloom and fade.  I allowed myself to have a rain day today which ought to have been with a book on the couch, but I had photos to look through and send off to the models, and then the invitation to a friend's house for mohitos if I would bring the mint and mineral water.  Bruce and I then went off to the movies "The Secrets in Their Eyes", Argentinian, dark thriller, very well done, winner of Oscar a few weeks ago.  Unsettled us so we had to comfort ourselves with Chinese food warm us also.  The rain of the day has left its chill.  My paintings were all taken down yesterday and today we got them up to the 3rd floor studio.  I can hardly wait to get there to work.  Why am I so busy?  yet I do take time to check out the gradient in flowers and I found rose petals yesterday to smell and gather for tea.  Pleasures too!  Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous lupins. I guess they will have loved the rain. Busy times for you, but it sounds like you are enjoying.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Annie, creation is a joy for me, seeing the natural world grow and bloom is a grand pleasure. The time clock on the list of duties sometimes is overwhelming. Glad the bustle is over, now I have creation time, well, after I pick up the chaos I have left in my wake.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like how you describe your pace... hard core work, picking mint, enjoying friends and a movie, nature and all her glory then off to haul paintings...a wonderful mix. Your new studio will be great and I'm sure productive...Spring and Summer days!