Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashion Show

Saturday June 5th was Montpelier's Fashion show, the 6th annual.  State Street was closed and 2 big tents were erected near Main Street.  There was a runway and seating, good sound system, and lights.  Each year it gets better.  As the promotion pr gal for the gallery, I feel we need to be part of the cities activities and focus on our designers.  Other years I have asked others to make clothing for the models, but its a hard sell.  This year I took it on in full, dressing 5 models in silk and then decking them out in designer jewelry.  Vanessa, Deborah, Anna, Missy, and Carolyn, Deborah's mother.  Great bunch.
 Deborah, our assistant manager, wears a butterfly cape.  This piece had been saved for the event.  Her daughter Anna loves being part of the modeling team.  This is her 3rd year and each year I need to make up something special for her because I don't usually make items for children.  I was delighted that the skirt, chiffon on a stretch silk fit so well and suited her.
The cropped caper is banded with a jacquard silk which matches the top I picked up at the local Benefit shop.  I couldn't find pants or leggings so I got some stretch cotton and sewed them up the morning of the show.  No pattern, but I guessed right!
Here's the flow of the cape as we waited our turn, snapping photos to spend the time.
Vanessa studied with me 8 years ago when she was in high school.  She proved to be a ready model, not fearful of the camera's eye.  She was happy to go into service once again.  This caper is chiffon over a charmeuse slip comfortable she says.  Simple, yet elegant.
When we went to check out the staging we discovered the first set of models already there.  This designer showed his work while in high school, now he is studying in Paris, or someplace special.
Meg Hammond presented her trashin' collection, made out of, you guessed it, trash.  Fabulous!
Unfortunately I didn't get good images of these models on the runway as I was backstage, but after the event I took a few more of Vanessa.  Here she wears another cape.
And here she finds that the cropped caper Anna wore could fit and work very nicely over a summer dress.  I'm pleased...I want to make more of these.  Always does me good to see the silks on models, that they really do make comfortable and flowing clothing, suitable even for the streets of Vermont.  What do you all think?


Unknown said...

Wow!! Stunning. These outfits look gorgeous. They would look wonderful for a wedding or grand event.

F. Degi said...

These outfits are really looking fabulous and looks as if you have dressed up as a bride. I loved these dresses a lot.

Altoon Sultan said...

The silks look just beautiful, especially the butterfly cape. It must be wonderful to see the clothing on models, in a group, making a strong statement of color and flowing shape. Congrats.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Annie, Altoon, and F. Degi for your visit and comments. It is rewarding to have them worn and seen.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Big job and so well done...everyone looks great! I am partial to the cropped caper...a neutral that would easily look good anytime over anything...dress or t-shirt!

Male Extra said...
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ArtPropelled said...

The butterfly cape is stunning!