Saturday, June 12, 2010

Transition from a dreary day

Rain again.  The snails and slugs are relishing in the moisture and eating the strawberries.  They make a hole, crawl in and eat the inside, living in comfort.  Yikes!  I visited Agway yesterday for a solution.  Also for a solution for the beetles munching the lilies...Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew!  And now more rain to wash away the brew.  Amazing how the weather affects me.  I am trying to transition out of this deary day.  I have a pile of sewing, but the top jacket is blue...perhaps too blue for a transition on this I thought of painting and looked at what I have done via images.  This small piece called "Three Sisters" is canvas panels waxed onto wood.  I started very neutral and textures and in 3 sections.  When I broke out of the 3 panels it started to breath and come alive.  This piece was chosen by the owner of a store called Compliments in Englewood,  NJ.  She was passing through my show in City Center and was drawn to my work there.  She wanted it for her store.  After her phone call to me, we met and agreed upon her representation of my work in her store as it seemed to "compliment" what else she are gathered there.  5 paintings have made their way to NJ.  One of the paintings was called "Dispersal" and that is indeed what needed to happen to some of the paintings before I took the show down last weekend.  Hurrah! and other mixed emotions.  These paintings are made to be shared, to enrich others lives, but they are also my babies and I want a good life for them.  Be well, Three Sisters!

Ah!  That felt better, just giving up some words on these ranging emotions.
So, now I consider the next move on to the studio, a new space, untried.  My supplies are moved in, my paintings from the show are gathered there.  The walls are super hard, old plaster.  The wood is all hard wood.  Pounding in nails is a challenge.  The walls have real slate in the form of black boards.  I think I need to tape paper to them and draw...draw big to expand my energy which is dampened by these rainy days and challenged by garden infestations.  Yes, I am preparing myself.  Do any of you have these feelings?
Bringing in light and color to paintings, to my day.  Good to visit with this painting again.  It is called Earth Energies and it hung in Free Range Show but perhaps is not finished.  I think I will pull it out and put in on my easel and see what music we can make together.

I wish you all a good weekend, rain or shine.


Unknown said...

Maggie, you are reaching new places with your work. I think this new studio space has really given you wings. Very nice work here.

Maggie Neale said...

Oh Zappha, hello, and nice to hear this from you, but I haven't worked in new space yet...trying to work up my energies to get there today for the first mark.

Jeane Myers said...

good morning Maggie - finally time to stop for a visit - what a lovely painting the first one and congratulations on your new representation - wonderful - we have had the rain also and today is the first day in ages that the sun is out and we will be too - it's coming your way soon :)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful first painting!
Congratulations on your NJ connection! Always good to see them off and out of the nest.
All those feelings are shared at one time or another...I moved my studio outside because I wanted to be near sunshine and not alone in the studio...we are all making places that work for creating...have a great weekend and I love the idea of big sheets of paper on the walls...spirit lifter!

Altoon Sultan said...

oh yes, I have the feelings of dreariness and upset, what with days of gloom and rain and woodchucks in my garden, munching on vegetables. It's a challenge to remain cheerful, but painting, and seeing friends, helps. Cheers to coming sunny days, and fruitful work in the new studio!

ArtPropelled said...

The last piece, Earth Energies is my favourite. Congratulations on a new setting for your work. It sounds as if your paintings will be at home there.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks all! I did make the break through today, and started working in new studio. Pictures coming in post tomorrow. Too tired to make a good effort. Cheers!

Patty said...

Everything I see is inviting me to
dye very soon including your very nice pieces.