Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sharing Adventures

Yesterday I made my way north to spend some time with Ticona who's mother had passed on a couple of weeks ago.  Her name was Dorothy, the same as my mother's, and she had Alzheimer's also.  Stories to share.  Ticona is amazed how fast this grass has grown....snow lay there just a few weeks ago.
We went on to Galen Cheney's art show at Johnson State College, another shared experience.
Today we went to Brattleboro to meet up with Bruce's son, Will, and his wife Courtney.  Summer has come on fast here.  The apple blossoms held for 2 weeks, but when I went to get lily of the valley to take to our meeting they were already too aged.  The lilacs went fast too.  Now I am picking lupin and flocks.
Will and Courtney, to get back to the story, bring their dogs on these trips, so a dog walk is always part of the event.  We found a lovely river walk.
Here they are, the family, with a baby on the way.  Hurrah!  New life coming to our midst.
Drawing with oil pastels on gessoed paper, 20x30+.  I'm seeing a figure there in this viewing.  Do you?
Before I started packing up my studio, I received an order of a dozen 12x12 canvases.  I have enjoyed applying wax to these and embedding textures of fabrics and papers....and testing myself with a more neutral approach.  It has been exciting to see art on a different level.  Most of my studio has been moved to a classroom in an old schoolhouse in Barre.  I'm sure my work will take another turn in the new surroundings.  More to come.  Happy weekend all!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Stories connect us on many levels.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a beautiful river green! I like this 12'12 canvas with texture...I'll be looking for your new work in new surroundings!

Unknown said...

LOvely shots walking through the woods. So your studio is going large scale? I keep imagining a schoolroom with all that room for you to work in, but I might have got the wrong end of the stick. Hope to hear how it goes.

Altoon Sultan said...

It looks like you had some lovely trips, Maggie. I really like the black and white textured painting; even though minimal in color, it looks very rich because of the texture. Good luck with the studio move; I'm glad you've found another great sounding place right away.

Maggie Neale said...

Morning all. Thanks for your support. yes, large space, with high ceilings, and real slate walls. Might have to do some chalk drawings which will disappear and I won't have to haul around. Another artist found the space and invited me to join her and split the rent, making it affordable for both, but compromising also.