Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cracking the Shell

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New painting just coming up for air, testing title, checking on its potential from other points of view. Playing with pink, started out with a new rose i am learning. I have a show for the month of May, so I am starting to finish up some paintings in the works, put on the hanging wires, and secure the names.

The weather has been fantastic for March in VT....sunny days and warmer. Yesterday when painting in the studio, the sun was streaming in the open door. It was delicious and the painting was charged. Just what I needed. Today my class went very well. I was very experimental with my materials and my student was thrilled to witness so many possibilities. Another uplifting day complete with green beer at the Arts Advocacy event at the State House where I could tour Bruce around the State House and then the corn beef and cabbage came off very tasty. Hey! Happy St Patrick's Day!


layers said...

I can see the spring colors in your painting-- and even the sun streaming in your open door is there.

Maggie Neale said...

What a lovely comment, Donna. Thank you.