Saturday, March 20, 2010

Water Music

Water Music
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This painting was begun during a jazz improv session last year. It was not finished so finally I took it to the studio to work on and I did --oils over the acrylic but the painting seems to hold firm on its original shape. This always quite amazes me....when a painting takes the control of the situation out of my painter's hands...hmmmm.

First day of spring, saw my first crocus in the yard--purple. I dug in the garden and planted a few seeds, yeah! We had sugar on snow at the Farmer's Market, then sat on the back deck in the sun watching our cat enjoy himself in nature. Went to a movie called Heretics about the women activist collective who published "Heresies" 1976-1992. The weather has now cooled and I have to finish up some duties to free us up for our trip to Tucson early Tues morn. Posts may be infrequent for the next couple of weeks since internet connections are limited.

Enjoy your signs of spring and keep up the creativity in your lives.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I always enjoy the shapes in your work Maggie. Have a good trip.

Altoon Sultan said...

Isn't spring a marvel?! and such fun to watch the cats happy to be outdoors again. Your Water Music painting has the fluidity of spring, but also reminds me of a figure.

have a great trip!

Jeane Myers said...

wonderful painting Maggie - like Leslie, I love the shapes in this work - safe trip :)

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks, Leslie, Altoon, and Jeane...the suitcase is almost packed and so many tasks I was putting off have gotten done! Thanks for safe trip wishes.

Maggie Neale said...
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