Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scarf photos outdoors!

Finally the weather warms and I attempt my first outdoor shots of silks.  The light is pure in these early almost spring days.  I chose an overcast day and thought I could beat the rain, which I did by 2 days!  When I painted this scarf 5 years ago, as it is dated 2005, I did model shots with it for advertising and the scarf went into "the collection".  Well, it is inspiration for some for 2010, which I will paint this week and this scarf will go to  Important to make these letting decisions...I can't keep them all!
This is quite a beauty, but a medium crepe square which are not as easy to wear for most women so it has been biding its time.  And its time came; it was such a pleasure to imagine it as worn on my antique form.  
A small square in flat crepe, could be a painting if stretched on stretchers and then I could ask for more money than the $25 which a small square could sell for, but it is quite lovely worn.
Always so many questions as to what to do with the art after it is much easier to just make it!
Spring colors on this wonderful jacquard.  I tried to order more jacquard blanks which are already hemmed, but my California company had received 3000 jacquards which had been so poorly sewn that they wouldn't sell them to me.  It is suspected that soon that market will dry up....who wants to hem silk scarves for very little pay?  I can relate.
Another beauty I have hung on to from last fall, but it is time to get another batch of my work out for sale.  Taking the photos is a first step, now names are needed, and posting on etsy.  At least they don't need frames.  I'll also be stocking my galleries and taking a small collection to Arizona when we go in a week.  Scarves are easier to ship to galleries and to take for show than the paintings.  

I did spend several hours making up another large canvas--40x50.  The final coat of gesso went on today.  Amazing what time it takes on some of the unseen steps.

Are you all making art these days of March with greater light in the skies?


Salon Delucca said...

these are all so gorgeous! and boy I sure agree with you on the 'it's easier to make art then know what to do with it' xxo

Altoon Sultan said...

Your scarves have such lovely, rich colors, and each one has a different personality.

The weather has been amazing, a real treat, though we could use some real rain. The longer days are a joy.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Each one has it's own beauty and how amazing when draped the colors and shapes change. Good luck with sales, they are wonderful!

Maggie Neale said...

Thank Jeane, Altoon, and Mary Ann. It is always a step forward to get some images and see what I've been doing from a different lens. I've had to cover my "paint them" table so I would focus on the other avenues of making art....along with putting numbers together for tax purposes...can't wait to celebrate by painting again!

Sophie Munns said...

It seems you are a very busy woman maggie. Its pleasing to amke art you can wear I think... and keep for many years of give a way or sell!
I imagine that it is so much easier to send off your silk scarves to the galleries.
What a wonderful thing... so light and fine!
best wishes for the spring coming your way!