Saturday, December 19, 2009

Solstice Revival

Ah, these dark days of the north country and very cold too keeps me inside. For play, I made scarf boxes which are given away with a purchase of a silk scarf from Artisans Hand. It is a release and a letting go of materials and movement as quite a number are produced in one effort. One attempt spurs on the next.
Finally mixed up a red which suited my taste and the right tool was in hand.
The bronze became more neutral and the green perked it up just a bit. I did these all a few days ago, but I have been writing cards for the past 3 evenings making connections with those old friends in my address book who don't think about finding my words on a least not yet. It was enjoyable to make special thoughts to these friends, a reaching out. I could feel each one as I penned their name and wrote a bit of summing up for the year and blessings sent. This ending of the year, the gathering of loved ones in our thoughts and homes to push back the darkness, to enrich our lives.....this is what is important to me at this Solstice time. And I wish light and laughter, peace and plenty, magic and memories to you all to warm you and bless your day. Happy Solstice.


Jeane Myers said...

Happy Solstice, Maggie :)

Four Seasons in a Life said...

In many ways old habits are loosing ground to today's technology, forgetting to celebrate the coming of a new Solstice day.

Hopefully us old-timers can instill some magic and beauty into our grandchildren, passing along some tradition.

Thank you for sharing.

Warmest regards and wishing you and your family all the very best this holiday season,

Maggie Neale said...

Jean and Egmont, your messages greet me as I return from full day...I've been making hundreds of least it seems that way after a 5 hour shift at Artisans Hand where folks were happily buying unique hand made gifts....150 exhibitors and I feel connected to most of them through their work and it is a pleasure to sell it. Then went to closing reception for a group show and now more paintings have huddled back into my messages from you both were welcomed. Light those candles!