Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walking in silk!

What a week it was when the sewing was on the top of the list...last week, thankfully. I challenged myself to make up some new silks for the specific models, all sales staff at Artisans Hand, except Anna, of course, who begged to model again this year. She had so much fun last year. Her blue top from a silk square was a moment's inspiration and made up quite quickly, but the silk satin for Missy's cocoon was a much greater challenge. That fabric is tough to work with, but the colors were just right for Missy and went with her camisole from last year. For Deborah, I wanted a rosy coat and this heavy charmeuse was left over from a wedding dress creation from the summer past; it was asking to be used. For Maureen who is soon to be leaving the area for New Mexico, I wanted to be easy on myself and make her feel the colors of the southwest. She became a butterfly in the "moth cape" and all seemed to enjoy the "walk". As the costumer, I could choose from a wealth of delicious bags and treasurable jewelry, all for the show of it all. Hurrah, Artisans Hand! You caught the crowd's attention and you glowed!

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